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"...effective, spontaneous and sometimes surprising arrangements..." - PBFS Strings Magazine

"... a delightful recording indeed" - Irish Music Magazine

"... great arrangements by Saskia and Steáfán" - Folkworld Magazine



Wind on the Shore / The Trundle Wheel / Colty's Corners - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Bodhran, percussion, mandolin, guitar; Sam - Double bass. "Wind" is the first tune that Anne wrote; Colty's Corners was the site of a one-room schoolhouse which Anne attended.

Snowy Evening Waltz / The Severwright Waltz - Saskia - Violin, viola, nyckelharpa; Anne - Mandolin; Steáfán - Guitar; Sam - Double bass; Oisin - Bodhran. These waltzes were first played at the Peterborough Celtic Jam.
The Loon's Call / A Walk in the West Wind / Over the Iron Gate - Saskia - Violin, viola, keyboard; Steáfán - Guitar, bass, keyboard, accordeon, cymbalon, snare drum; Oisin - Bodhram. The phrases in "The Loon's Call" are intended to emulate the four types of calls made by loons - tremolo, wail, hoot and yodel.
Three Pecuniary Polkas: Pinching Pennies / Smash the Piggybank / Holey Pockets - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Guitar, accordeon, bodhran; Sam - Double bass. These polkas sound cheerful, but the titles tell a sad story.
Between Secrets / Silver Street Stride - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Guitar, mandolin, percussion; Sam - Double bass. "Silver Street" was the first of several of Anne's tunes to be performed by the Mandolin Society of Peterborough orchestra.
The Unionville Hornpipe / The Cardinal Jig / A Quart of Ale - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Guitar, double bass, drums; Sam - Double bass.
Stack Overflow / The Comfy Corner / Periwinkle - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Guitar, bouzouki, border pipes, scottish small pipes, uilleann pipes, Scottish marching percussion. Stéafán has created his own personal pipe band.....
Walking the Ridgepole / Spruce Needle Tea / Oakwood and Vaughan - Saskia - Violin, viola, nyckelharpa; Steáfán - Guitar, tin whistle; Sam - Double bass; Oisin - bodhran. The first two tunes are old-timey; the third is named for the area of Toronto where Anne was born.
Almond Icing / Cinnamon Stick / Two by Two Step - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Guitar, mandolin; Sam - Double bass; Oisin - Daff. A combination of tunes from three very different genres.
With Folded Hands / The Welkin Walk / Granite Ridge - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Guitar, 5-string banjo (first tune), mandolin, triangle; Sam - Double bass, jaw harp, 5-string banjo (second and third tunes). This set starts off gently and gains steam as it goes. "Granite Ridge", a bluegrassy tune, features an instrument not generally heard in that genre!
A Last Golden Hour / Right Turn Lane / The Overturned Turtle - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Guitar, percussion, bass, keyboard, Spanish guitar, mandolin. Anne's admiration of the tunes of guitarist Larry Unger led her to compose "A Last Golden Hour" for the Mandolin Society orchestra. The following tunes are livelier, and the last is a recent composition.
Mist in the Night Air / Carefree on a Sunny Saturday / Red Currant Rag - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Guitar, bass, drums, whistle, keyboard, Spanish guitar, bouzouki. The first two tunes have been performed by the Mandolin Society of Peterborough orchestra; the third is a recent composition.
The Merry Merchants of Markham / Fifty Steps / The Boundary Road Reel - Saskia - Violin; Steáfán - Guitar, border pipes, Scottish marching percussion, bouzouki, double bass. "The Merry Merchants" refers to Anne's own family; the Fifty Steps can be found in Hastings, Ontario, leading from the lower to the upper village.